Our apartments are idyllically located in the charming village of Risøyhamn, offering a wonderful panorama view over Andfjorden, the Risøy channel, and the Hurtigruten sea lane.

We have 4 newly refurbished apartments (2 and 3 bedroom) for short term rentals. These are located in central Risøyhamn only 400 meters from our sea houses.

Each apartment has a TV and free WiFi. The kitchen is well equipped with a dining table, stove, fridge, dishwasher, coffee maker, water boiler etc.

The main building houses facilities for washing and drying laundry. The closest grocery store is located only 150 metres away.

The apartments hold a high standard.Each apartment contains a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and outside storage room.

Stue med sofa, stoler og bord


Stue med sofa, stoler og bord

Apartment Cost(NOK)
Apartment 1 (4 pers.) 1650,-
Apartment 2 (4 pers.) 1800,-
Apartment 3 (4 pers.) 1800,-
Apartment 4 (6 pers.) 1950,-

Prices include sheets, towels, and cleaning.
The minimum length of stay is 3 days. Contact us if you have other needs.


With Risøyhamn Sjøhus as your starting point, activities such as whale safaris, the spaceship aurora or wandering along the norwegian scenic routes are right around the corner.

Sea safari
Do you think it sounds thrilling to encounter humpback whales, fin whales, and sperm whales and to observe the northern lights during the polar nights?

Whale Safari
Andenes is the best starting point for a whale safari.

Norwegian Scenic Routes
On Andøya you can wander along some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches, while gazing upon silent oceans with the midnight sun as your only companion.

Spaceship Aurora
Spaceship Aurora is located on Andøya Space Center.

Boat rent

Rent a boat for a day

We have 10 high quality boats for rental. 4 21-foot boats and 6 23-foot hardtop boats.
Fishing equipment.