Our Activities 

Many of our guests are no strangers to embarking on both small and grand adventures. Of course, we want to do what we can to fulfill our guests’ desires, so we’ve established a varied range of activities. We embrace our beautiful surroundings, and we hope to offer something everyone can enjoy.

Explore Norway’s majestic nature from the sea 

Risøyhamn Sjøhus is located by the sea, so naturally, we want to offer our guests sea excursions. With our Kloster Patrol 36, we can cater to most of your wishes. The boat accommodates 12 passengers. Here are some excursion examples:

Cozy sea trips 

We can probably all agree that Norway’s coastline and nature are nothing short of majestic. So, what’s better than taking a cozy sea trip in the area, for instance to Nyksund or Trollfjorden? 

Nyksund is an old fishing village with a unique atmosphere, surrounded by deep fjords and beautiful beaches. Trollfjorden is known as one of Norway’s most spectacular fjords. The entrance is only 100 meters wide, expanding to 800 meters deep inside the fjord. There, you’re surrounded by dramatic and magnificent mountains rising steeply from the sea. It’s a place where you’ll truly feel surrounded by grand nature. 

Got a knack for fishing? 

Whether you’re an experienced angler or trying out fishing for the first time, we can take you out on our boat. We happily cruise from fjord to fjord to find the most suitable fishing spots. Alternatively, we can also offer a trip just to enjoy the view and fresh sea air.

We also recommend a trip to Bleiksdjupet, a part of Bleiksundet. It’s a scenic, narrow channel surrounded by steep mountain walls. It’s an awe-inspiring experience for those exploring by boat. Many anglers test their luck at Bleiksdjupet, aiming for the redfish, a sought-after catch in these waters. 

Boat transport from A to Z 

Distances in Vesterålen and Lofoten become shorter when traveling by boat. We’re happy to give you a tour around the region. And if you need to get from one port to another, we can assist with transportation. How about a day trip to Harstad, for example? We’ll drive and pick you up.

Need maritime services? 

We possess the necessary expertise to assist with maritime tasks. On several occasions, we’ve provided surveillance during military exercises by Andøya Space, such as rocket launches.

Benefit from our expertise 

We operate a certified boat and have licensed captains who can assist with passenger transport and commercial maritime tasks. If you have questions or wonder if we can undertake a task for you, please contact us. We’re here to help.

We will go the extra mile and do what we can to fulfill our guests’ needs, whether you need transportation or want to try your luck at fishing. If you have questions or special requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. For more information or to book our spacious Kloster Patrol 36 with a captain, please send an inquiry via our contact form, and we’ll get back to you. 

Season: All year round. 

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